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Mid-Atlantics Course Setter's Notes
  • Topic created by Gillettejw on Wed Nov 29, 2017 at 11:58 am
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    Here are Ralphs notes for Sunday.  Hope to see you out there.  It is going to be a blast!!

    Fair Hill 2017 MidAtlantics Course setter’s notes


    Welcome to the 2017 MidAtlantic Championships.  Here are a few things of interest regarding today’s event.  First the basics…

    Map: Fair Hill Strawbridge Fields (original field work done in 2004; updated in 2013)

    Scale: 1:10,000

    Contours: 5 meters

    Safety bearing: East to the Big Elk Creek and follow it downstream or south to the event area.

    Water stops:  Water stops are located at the CUP symbol on the map.  They are located at common crossing points along gravel roads.  There will be water at the start triangle as well.

    General course notes:

    There is a 6-minute ride by passenger van to the start.  Van will run approximately every 15 minutes! 

    All controls are on the west side of the Big Elk Creek.

    Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green, Red and Blue courses will take you into Pennsylvania.

    Most controls are in the wooded areas of the park and you will need to traverse open fields between controls.   The fields were recently mowed.  I found the transition area between open field and woods accurately mapped.  In other words, if the map shows a break in the green along the edge of wooded area, you can get in. The area has an extensive trail network and is accurately mapped.

    Regarding rootstocks: The mapper for the 2013 update used the dot knoll and green stick for newer rootstocks.  The brown X was used by the original mappers and these represent old decaying root stocks with little or no dirt on the roots.

    Fair Hill is an active equine center.  If you encounter horses on the trail, please alert the rider to your presence and YIELD to the horses.  They are bigger than you!


    Hope you enjoy the courses.

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