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Egypt Mills - Next Sunday
  • Topic created by Len on Sun Oct 8, 2017 at 9:35 pm
    Len Policelli (Len)
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    Everything is in place for next week's event in the Delaware River National Recreation Area. We have some great terrain, open woods, and minimal briars. The hardest part of the day may be getting there. The NE extentins will be closed north of the Lehigh Valley. This means ALL traffic will be exitiong at Lehigh Valley. Additionally, Milford Road is under major construction and the turn off to the park is difficult to spot.

    SO here are my clues - From 209 in the DRNRA turn left on Bushkill Falls Rd (a traffic light) then Right on Milford Rd. Drive untill you see a big red crane then slow down. You will be making a right in a fewe hundred meters. Look for an O-sign ad a construction barrel (this is the entrance to Big Egypt Rd)


    Overall, be carfull for wire fences. There are many and usually run with stone rows, but not always.

    All Routes will pass by two stratigic locations on the main park road where water stops will be located. Red will have one additional water stop.

    White: There are some downed trees between 3 and 4. A streamered route will get you around them.

    Yellow: There is a streamered section that gives the beginner a glimpse into some of the unique features at Egypt Mills. There are also a few route choices that can be made.

    Orange: Control features near other big and defined features. A shorter course that will hopfully have some times under an hour.

    Brown: Pay attention to the crossover of the course. It doesn't look prity on paper but the course uses some of the best spots.

    Green & Red: Two challenging courses with a good variety of legs and terrain. Keep alert for wire fences.

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