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HVO Scout Orienteering new NOV event in Wanaque, New Jersey
  • Topic created by BRycharski on Mon Oct 9, 2017 at 0:02 am
    Bob Rycharski (BRycharski)
    Num Posts: 154
    Primary Club: DVOA
    Fav map: Rutgers Preserve
    First O: 1976
    Just spreading the word of the Nov 25th Wanaque Back beach and Ramapo Lake Natural area Orienteering Scout O
    web site;  www.scoutorienteering.com  (Scout register), HVO and DVOA members do not... treat as a local O meet
    What FYI  a still tentative new map hike event in Wanaque, NJ

    What  A Local AND scout event ... the HI'KING GAMES SCOUT ORIENTEERING CHAMPS. (HighSoc)
    When  Nov 25th, 10:30 Am thru 1 Pm starts  rain or shine
    Where  Take US 287 to exit 55,Wanaque/Ringwood ave exit, north to 4th ave (exxon), right and follow road to the park (Back Beach Road).  O arrow signs will be located at key turns.
    How interested Scout units can register  contact Bob Rycharski (registrar) via US mail or email er the word doc. located at   www.scoutorienteering.com    USOF and DVOA members do not use scout forms, just walk on as usual in a local O event ...  this is a scout buddy system event, see the instructions for details.

    Car pooling is requested (all), we have only 120 or so park/parking spots (sharing with any soccer cars), but with spillover into local streets many other parking spots available and only a 5 minute or less hike into the park registration area.

    Caution.  due to technical reasons, a new map was planned (is late), but delivery of a revised map is unclear at this time.  If the new map is not ready on time (uncertain), we will/may hold the event on a modified (trails) 2008 HVO vintage map still of very high topo quality (new trails will be added, long story).

    Bob Rycharski special request, any DVOA, HVO or Scout adult member wanting to volunteer to help at this local event, please contact me, Bob rycharski at    rrycharski345  at  optonline.com or the event director Paul Benett.
    As a treat to DVOA members and any Scout leader readers...  the CS states (Coure setter notes) that since this map has been back burnered (no use) for over 10 years, expect a great technical O run, swamp and valley features, the forest has a good trail network, is beautiful,  a bit steep in some places (your will sweat) , but  it has some fantastic scenic sites and view of the Wanaque Dam/lake and of local leaf colors in distant hills, and Katniss of the movie HUNGER Games (fact) is rumored to to be seen/photoed  at Orange controls (lake, south west edge, open area) near the Ramapo lake.  please, no Course spoilers doing location research from movie clips...
    Come See what Katniss saw [rocks and ice], ...  so,   - I don't know how else to put this: Make sure they remember you at the Hiking Games.  check the HVO schedule late for more movie quotes and event details ...
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