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Course Notes - Myrick SATURDAY October 16
  • Topic created by skolins on Mon Oct 11, 2021 at 9:26 pm
    Samuel  Kolins (skolins)
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    Below are the course notes for the event at Myrick this Saturday.
    We have a newly revised map this year (thank you Ron Barron).
    The park is not huge, but there are some nice and interesting woods, especially in the north in the park, that we have not used for a daytime event for quite a while.
    We have also included a sprint for just $3 extra to round out your orienteering day.

    Since it is a Saturday event, registration closes at the end of day Thursday!

    Course notes:


    • Parking:  Parking will be on the south side of route 842.  There is a very small parking lot with a large field available for parking directly behind the lot.
    • Check-in:  Look for us under a tent adjacent to the parking lot.  We will NOT be using the indoor barn space this year.  A porta-potty will be available near the parking lot.
    • Timing:  Starts for normal courses will be from 10AM - 1PM.  Starts for the sprint will be from 10AM - 2PM.  Control pickup will begin at 3PM.

    Map Notes:

    • Updated this year by Ron Barron!
    • Scale:
      White, Yellow, Brown:  1:5000
      Orange, Green:  1:7500
      Sprint:  1:4000
    • 5m contours

    Out of Bounds and Other Course Notes:

    • All cultivated fields are out of bounds.   Even if they have been harvested they are still out of bounds!
      Cultivated fields will be marked as OB on the map.
    • All paved roads are out of bounds - these are public roads with fast moving traffic. Roads will be marked as OB on the map in any spots they are close to the course.
    • There is some private property around the edges of the map that have been marked as OB.
    • Tan “rough open” areas on the map are generally easily passable grassy areas.  They are mown a little less often than the yellow “open land” areas of the maps, so the grass may be a bit higher.  Tan areas with vertical green slash are open areas with much higher and often thornier vegetation and are good to avoid. 


    • White - All on trails and mown fields.
    • Yellow - Gets you a little bit off trail.  A good choice for teenage and adult beginners who are comfortable reading a trail map.
    • Orange - Significant off trail sections, but looking for larger, easier to find features than the advanced courses.
    • Brown - Most of the course will be in the northern, wooded section of the park.  These are some nice woods with interesting contour and water features.
    • Green - Visits some of the smaller patches of woods in the south of the park before spending the second half of the course in the larger northern wooded section, with some transitional route choice legs in between.
    • Sprint - Compared to the yellow the sprint will be more on fast surfaces (trail and mown fields) with a greater emphasis on route choice and correct navigation without hesitation.
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