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  • Topic created by kathyu on Wed Oct 14, 2020 at 6:28 pm
    Kathy Urban (kathyu)
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    Dave and I hiked along the visitor center side of the park.  The educational trail behind the visitor center is closed off and you could see the wood bridge was in terrible condition.  The creek trail towards the stone bridge (creek on your right side) is in poor condition with another bridge that should have been roped off, totally off its supports. The trail itself was a muddy mess where horses created slippery slop.  On the plus side, it was a perfect October day and we really enjoyed the hike.  This is a DVOA map that could be updated, as the park is expanded (I think). I forgot to look for our markers but I saw at least one that was very deteriorated.  The rangers there used to be very enthusiastic about the permanent course.

  • Reply by shiatsuron on Thu Oct 15, 2020 at 5:12 pm
    Ron Barron (shiatsuron)
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    Evansburg took it on the chin this spring and summer. The Derecho event in June (I think) changed the park dramatically. I saw it as I picked streamers up after my adventure run. Soooo many downed trees.

    The creek side trail was a mudy mess before the storms. They really should create bypass trails along the creek so us bi-peds don't have to act like horses. The horses are there to stay as there are two equestrian centers adjoining the park.

    Is there a Friends of Evansburg Park? Maybe you could start one? They can be instumental in getting these kinds of changes in state parks.
  • Reply by EricW on Thu Oct 15, 2020 at 10:28 pm
    Eric Weyman (EricW)
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    What I think I know about Evansburg, off the top of my head-

    This park has always been much larger than the area of the current O map.
    The mapped area was driven by the best parking/arena/facilities in combination with probably the largest chunk of the the park reachable by courses from that center.

    The park has much more acreage.
    I think I have checked out every secction of the park at some time, although not recently, and never found anything to get excited about.

    Parking is one of the limiting factors.
    So are the major (unsafe to cross) roads which break up the park, as well as the major stream/river itself which has few crossing options.
    In addition, I don't recall any section of terrain that had special interest, and most of it had thick vegetation, and some thorns.
    Followup visits to a couple areas over the years showed no change or improvement, so I've admittedly given up hope.
    Granted, I probably haven't visited any section in a couple years.

    As with any potential terrain,  I will respond to reports, especially if they involve nice vegetation and parking.

    For example, I have already been out to the previous thread's Green Lane area.
    I need at least another visit to cover the area and make a report.
    I can say I found a very intriguing trail maze/ network, comparable to the best of VF Fatlands, and without the social issues.
    Nice woods and parking? Not so much.
  • Reply by ErikEddy on Fri Oct 16, 2020 at 2:55 pm
    Erik Eddy (ErikEddy)
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    on e-burg.  there is a super dense trail network (mtb'ers) south of ridge pike by Fern Road (and decent parking lot), but those woods look nasty .  could make for a summer sprint
  • Reply by EricW on Sun Oct 18, 2020 at 8:43 pm
    Eric Weyman (EricW)
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    I checked out Erik's area today.
    Yes, plenty of trails, and thick vegetation, but also some unexpectedly nice vegetation, a few interesting features, and a conveniently placed (new?) pedestrian bridge across Skippack Creek.

    The Fern Rd/Ave parking lot doesn't seem large enough to share with the public for a local event, and there's not enough total terrain either, but the bridge and the nice stuff means that the opposite side becomes worth checking out next.

  • Reply by EricW on Sun Nov 22, 2020 at 9:08 pm
    Eric Weyman (EricW)
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    Evansburg Report

    Erik Eddy's eBoard post got me going.
    Now, some weeks later, I think I have checked out every unmapped section of the park, some in detail, some just driving around looking for plausible access.

    Short summary-  There are a couple sections that might be worth adding to the map, but they are nothing to get excited about. (The Hibernia expansion is worth getting excited about.)

    I found a few intriguing small sections (nice woods and/or interesting details), but they aren't connected to a local-meet size parking options.
    Unfortunately, Skippack Creek, Ridge Pike, and Germantown Pike are significant barriers.
    These might be candidates for non traditional maps with DIY courses, but not local meets with normal mapping.
    I'm happy to give more details if there is interest.

    Two areas POSSIBLY worth adding:

    A. to the North
    Bounded by Thompson Road, Anders Road, Kratz Road, Lesher Road.
    This section isn't especially nice or interesting, but it is easily accessible and usable.
    Be aware there is significant equestrian use of park trails mostly emanating from a private business, Red Buffalo Ranch.
    This section would include a significant piece of township land (public access) in the western tip towards the intersection of Thompson and Anders roads.

    B. to the South
    Bounded by Skippack Creek, Germantown Pike, Grange Ave, Mill Road
    This is accessible via the pedestrian bridge, on south edge of existing map, frequently used for courses.
    This section is relatively large and wooded, but with very little nice vegetation and only a simple trail loop (no network).
    It is probably less useful than the "A"area to the north.

    I checked out a couple sections of the existing map. I saw many changes but the overall O value seemed unchanged. What I saw from the road looked similar.
    The most dramatic change involves the large  fields on the SE side of Lesher Road. These are shown as 100% yellow on the existing map map, but are now mostly young forest in various shades of green, with some rough open remnants. This is not necessarily pleasant vegetation, but it involves some interesting geometric patterns, viewable on any recent aerial photo website.

    Some of Evansburg's vegetation has gotten nicer, but there's still plenty of thick stuff.
    The existing map has proven to be usable, although with some awkward  course routings involving"lost distance".
    It is probably not many people's favorite area.
    The 2000 map is definitely out of date, but probably only a medium priority at best for remapping.

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