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Beginners at Governor Dick
  • Topic created by dreider on Mon Mar 25, 2019 at 2:28 pm
    Diane  Reider (dreider)
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    I have posted Mary Frank's beginner class on my hiking Meetup group.  Currently, there are 14 people signed up for the class.  Sam Kolins has volunteered to teach 2 intermedite classes at Warwick County Park on 4/7/19.  I have also created a Meetup for that class. 

    If we have good weather for Sunday, I expect at least 70 percent of those that signed up to attend.  I'll put a link to the Meetup pages below.  Please take some time to seek out the folks in the class and make them feel welcome.

    After they have finished class and a beginner course, I was toying with the idea of asking if any of the beginners want to go for extra credit and pick up controls.  It would be nice to pair them up with an experienced runner.  They would get to know a club member and maybe feel more confident about coming back for more events.  Some of these folks are hard core hikers so they can easily handle tagging along.



  • Reply by edscott on Wed Mar 27, 2019 at 8:52 pm
    Ed Scott (edscott)
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    Lile the idea of taking a beginner along on control pick up.  Great learning experience and a painless way to do some advanced controls.
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