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Hickory Run Thanks
  • Topic created by GlenT on Mon Sep 18, 2023 at 5:47 pm
    Glen Tryson (GlenT)
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    Thanks to all those who helped with the Night-O and Sunday courses at Hickory Run:

      Sandy Fillebrown for epunch results and registration and organizational support

      Nick Reed, Robert Frank and Mark Frank for Night-O starts

      Derek Vill for help with starts on Sunday

      Sam Kolins and Lena Kushleyeva for discovering and correcting a "control modification"

      Petr Hartman, Rob Wilkison, Wyatt Riley and Janet Tryson for control pick-up (just in time to almost beat the rain)

      Mary Frank for organizing the whole training weekend and Mary and Sandy for dealing with the last minute venue changes.

      Apologies to anyone I overlooked and thanks to all.

  • Reply by furlong47 on Mon Sep 18, 2023 at 8:52 pm
    Julie Keim (furlong47)
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    A huge thanks to all of the trainers as well - Steve Aronson, Sharon Siegler, Bob and Pat Burton, Anne Frederick, Sam Kolins, and Greg Ahlswede - I believe Mark Frank was down there pitching in as well - and all those who supported them by vetting, hanging, picking up, or otherwise helping with exercises. Everybody rolled with the punches when things got a little weird and I think the weekend still turned out to be fantastic!
  • Reply by camperpat on Wed Sep 20, 2023 at 7:22 pm
    Pat Burton (camperpat)
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    Bob and I would like to thank everyone who helped in any way to make the weekend a huge good time!  Also, Thanks to Mary for tending the kitchen which I know is a very big job , the food was really good and lots of it.  Bob and I camped out at Hickory Run and we even did the perminant course from sand spring lake which was really fun and in good shape with all the control signs visible. We got the map from the Ranger station and when they handed it to us they said we don't know much about all the symbols.  lol.  Even the map and details on how to start the course was very good.  
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