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2023 Winter Meeting - Advertising / Social Media Report
  • Topic created by KyleS on Tue Jan 24, 2023 at 1:40 pm
    Kyle Sullivan (KyleS)
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    Hi Everyone,

    I was asked to share the presentation I made for the recent Winter Meeting (that I did not show on the projector in the interest of time and a certain live sports game that was impending). The link below has the presentation (if you comment directly on the presentation, I will be able to see them):

    There are many interesting statistics that can be found from Facebook and Instagram for account and post viewership. I selected just a couple broad data sets to show. Outliers are also interesting to see possible clues for how these social media algorithms work (example: in the first line plot, March 24, 2021 had a single post from Olga (a video from an event) that garnered ~1.2k views (much higher than any other post for that year, and more than most posts from 2022). This also happened in October 2022. This is more of interest for Olga and I as it shows that video posts and certain content words/types may attract a lot more unique views/visits.

    Anyway, the main takeaway for the social media/advertising/marketing side of things:

    1. It is necessary in our current digital age to attract new members and keep current members up to date and continuing to come to events if they are not regulars. A broad spectrum of age groups use both Facebook and Instagram (even younger people are still using Facebook to an extent). The data from 2021 vs. 2022 in the presentation is clear (of course this is confounded by variables, such as number of posts per year/per month). Spurious correlations may be the only correlations availabe right now... Next year may reveal more trends and correlations (data on new memberships, membership renewals, and age breakdowns may be interesting).

    2. Please help by taking photos at events and sharing them with Wyatt, Olga, or myself (we may need to establish a Dropbox or Google Drive sharing folder for people to just drop photos in for events, if that is easier, to save from constant emailing after events). This will help us have plenty of pictures to choose from to post online for event recaps. Bright photos with O-flags and people having fun in-action are always nice!

    ANY feedback and suggestions on the above or the presentation are greatly appreciated! And if anyone would like to help with this side of things, it is always welcome.


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