2000 Service Award Winners


Tom first joined DVOA in 1988 after he moved here from West Virginia. According to his membership application he enjoys tennis, bicycling and the outdoors. Tom has taken an active part in DVOA, serving as event director, scout for new locations, field checker, instructor at the training weekend and other events, control pick-up, or whatever else needs doing. Since he is near the southern edge of our territory he often gets called on to conduct events in Delaware and Maryland. He has served as a club trustee. Tom is a chemical engineer and lives in Newark, Delaware.




Rick first joined DVOA in 1991 and has been active ever since in various capacities. He is a former club trustee. After helping with Ed Scott's very successful Scout-O at French Creek, Rick started a similar event in New Jersey in 1996 and it has grown in popularity ever since. Rick has often served as event director at New Jersey locations, including Lebanon Forest and Washington Crossing. In 1998 he received a President's Award at the US Orienteering Federation Convention in recognition of his development of the USOF web site. Rick was DVOA's first webmaster.

On his membership application Rick listed his profession as a physical oceanographer. He is employed by Princeton University and lives in Cookstown, New Jersey with his wife Rochelle and children Christian, Shannon, and Drew.




The Great Valley Girl Scout Council had a group membership in DVOA dating way back. I'm not sure how long Linda has been involved with orienteering, but her individual participation records date back to 1989. Since then she has been instrumental in popularizing orienteering among scouts and she was the founder of the 0 patrol which has taken an active role in our club. They help with meets and provide child-care service at our Class A events. In the summer bf 1998, several of the girls represented the US at junior team events abroad. You'll recognize the patrol members by their eye-catching jackets with the slogan on the back: "Don't follow me, I'm lost, too!"

Linda has served the US Orienteering Federation (USOF) as the Girl Scout Development Liaison and has written articles for Orienteering/North America and the Briar Patch.

Linda is a registered dietician and lives near Reading.