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S- MASOC 32 Notice
  • Topic created by Orienteer7 on Sun Feb 14, 2021 at 1:11 pm
    Mark Frank (Orienteer7)
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    S-MASOC-32  Event rel: 2021-02-14

    As Event Director for S-MASOC-32 I have decided to proceed with the event based on some scout and volunteer input over the past few weeks.

    Survey Question:  Based on the below would your troop be willing to attend a Saturday, Sunday or either day event?  We need feedback on this question as soon as possible to complete the registration form and to cancel the public event on Sunday May 2nd, 2021 to schedule the additional scout day that day.

    Please respond to subject:  Survey Response” email: orienteer74 at gmail dot com

    The 2021 event will be temporarily changed from the past due to the current virus situation.

    We are greatly appreciative that French Creek State Park has granted permission to hold orienteering events. The park at present has established a full turnout limit of 250 for the day of event.  This includes all participants, non-leader participants and event volunteers.  Therefore, we will be limiting the participation to the first 200 scouts and leaders registered for the day.  There is a possibility that this limit may increase prior to the event but we will maintain what we have established to properly plan for event.  There is also a possibility that the event could need to be cancelled and that is why we have decided to communicate now and in the future by email.  All troops will be informed of any changes through the email(s) the troop has provided.  

    Because of the limit on turnout and because of the great interest in the past DVOA has decided to host the event both Saturday May 1 and Sunday May 2nd.  The DVOA local event for public participants will be cancelled for 5/2/21. Only scouts and participant leaders will be able to participate.  A scout group can only participate one day.   DVOA will be limited to its DVOA volunteer support due to event limitations, therefore, we may need non-participating leaders help on the day of event.

    1)      DVOA will not be coordinating camping at the park. For camping see registration form.

    2)      DVOA will not be hosting the score event in the afternoon.

    3)      See registration information concerning availability of S-MASOC32 patches.

    4)      Registration forms to be issued by email by 3/1/21.

    5)      Only courses White (beginner) through Brown will be offered. [General scout courses]

    6)      Scouts or Leaders who are not feeling well prior to the event should obviously not attend.

    7)      No additions or course changes can be done at the event.

    8)      Start times for Troops will be issued by general email.

    9)      Troops should maintain social distancing at the event site.

    10)   Port-o –Johns will be offered but will not be cleaned during the 2 days.

    11)   No large group beginner instructions will be done the morning of the event.

    12)   Starts will begin at 9:30 am and will extend until 1pm to allow for social distancing.

    13)   Each participant will get a map.  One epunch per individual/group participating

    14)   All scouts and leaders (participants / nonparticipants) must wear face coverings at registration, start and finish areas.

    15)   Face coverings will not be required on the course.

    16)   We will continue to use epunching and all finger epunches will be properly cleaned before and after the event.

    17)   As in the past there will be no water on the course so water must be carried if needed.

    18)   In accordance with current guidelines no refreshments (food or water) will be offered at the end of the event.

    19)   There will not be an awards ceremony either day. 

    20)   1st through 3rd place results on each course will be announced after the event.         

    21)   Awards will not be mailed but can picked up at DVOA’s office or by coordinating pick-up at future DVOA event.



    Mark Frank

    S-MASOC32 Event Dir.

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