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Schedule for 2021
  • Topic created by MaryFrank on Thu Feb 11, 2021 at 10:48 am
    Mary Frank (MaryFrank)
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    For those that are wanting to get out in the woods, remember we need volunteers to run the events.  We are going to have preregistrations stilll through the pandemic so for those that would like to Set a Course, please email maryf@covenv.com to identify which park and which date your are interested in and we can try to get you on the schedule.  If you are new at this, we can hook you up with a consultant.  

    Issues known at this time are: New Jersey - All state Parks in New Jersey are not permitting.  Rutgers is being moved - the college is not allowing permitted events.  PA, Chester County Parks - trying to work around their stand as to no permitting as well.  

    (At this time, Tyler is still a go!  We hope to have registration up soon.)

    Stay safe.

    Mary Frank
  • Reply by skolins on Sun Feb 14, 2021 at 0:44 am
    Samuel  Kolins (skolins)
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    On the topic of schedules, while I have been course setting at Gov Dick for a few years in a row now, I have recently moved out towards NE Philly, quite a ways from the park.  So if anybody is interested in course setting there please reach out to Mary.  There are some really helpful staff we work with at the park who have always been very supportive of and excited to host our events, including finding a way to host our event there this fall.
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