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Winter Meeting 2021
  • Topic created by Gillettejw on Thu Nov 19, 2020 at 1:16 pm
    John Gillette (Gillettejw)
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    Greetings Club Members

    Last evening we had a Board Meeting and I wanted to get the word out to you on the plans for our 2021 Winter Meeting.  As we are all experiencing, our ability to assemble as we have in the past is currently restricted and we expect that those restrictions will carry on into the new year.  All is not lost, though.  We had a discussion last night and intend to forge ahead with a winter meeting virtually.  Our plan is to use Zoom to come together for fellowship, education, recognition, and information sharing.  We will hold the meeting on January 30th and plan to include the following:

    Breakout Classes:
    - How to teach Orienteering
    - How to set up equipment for an event
    - Tutorial on Route Gadget

    General Session:
    - State of the Club
    - High level financial report (Where we spend our money)
    - Membership report
    - Equipment status and report
    - Mapping Committee Report and Priorities
    - Permanent Courses Report
    - Education Report
    - A-Event Status

    Elections (voting online)

    Awards (voting online and Ringo Award Committee)
    - Ringo Awards
    - Course Setter of the Year (experienced and new)
    - Event Director of the Year (experienced and new)

    We intend to publish a schedule to allow participants to join and leave at will.  To maintin security of the links for the event we intend to require a registration at no fee.  We hope you will join us to share our successes over this past year.  Please reach out to the club officers if you have ideas on additional topics to include.  Thanks for all you do.  Be Safe

    DVOA President

  • Reply by MaryFrank on Thu Nov 19, 2020 at 1:53 pm
    Mary Frank (MaryFrank)
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    I think it would be of value to have a presentation from OUSA and a presentation on Youth Protection too.  

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