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Gov Dick Registration
  • Topic created by skolins on Sun Oct 18, 2020 at 9:57 pm
    Samuel  Kolins (skolins)
    Num Posts: 134
    Primary Club: DVOA
    Fav map: Governor Dick
    First O: 2012
    Registration is now open for the Gov Dick Event on Nov 15th.

    Please register early if at all possible - it really helps with setting up the computer and making sure the map count is correct.

    Full course notes are posted at:

    There are a few more course options at this event (check the course notes for details):
    • A Blue!
    • Two versions of Green, one of which stays in the north part of the park, and a second that goes to the south part (which is steeper, greener, and rockier, but also super technical and frustratingly fun).
    • A Yes-or-No O:  A short (1.2km) course with 13 controls, some of which are hung incorrectly.  Only punch the correctly hung controls.  Great as a second course, only costs $3.  Register on the same screen where you pick your first course.

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