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Cor-O-19 @ Star Village
  • Topic created by Petr on Sat Mar 28, 2020 at 10:49 am
    Petr  Hartman (Petr)
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    I'm sharing a map with a permanent course at Star Village in Bethlehem. Good for individual orienteering.
    These markers are not set by us but some group from Lehigh University. It must be gps related because the markers are not at normal orienteering features but randomly in the woods being features on their own. Now they are handy. At this moment I'm aware of 22 of them. The markers are white and orange squares about foot by foot, three feet above the ground. Some of them fainted.
    This venue is feature rich with a good visibility now and milder substitution for West Point terrain which expected to be missed this year.

    "P" - parking at City disc course park
    "p" alternative parking opportunity
    There is a visitor parking at Mountain top campus but with parking meters even on Sundays.

    Two letter form maps can be downloaded:


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