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SuperBo....err....Super Batsto Invitation
  • Topic created by bobburg on Sun Feb 2, 2020 at 10:19 pm
    Bob Burg (bobburg)
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    Primary Club: DVOA
    Fav map: Batsto
    First O: 1999

    Hi Everyone.


    Here are the stats for Batsto courses March 15, the second full-course event of the season.

    I’ll be doing final course vetting this coming week to see how the wildfire-turned-into-controlled- burn has survived.  But with the pineland vegetation’s slow progression, I’m hoping that the entire area is still nearly as white as it was last year.  J


    Only a few DVOA members got to run the brand new Batsto map last year, so I’ll post an update when my course vetting is complete, and invite you all to make the journey to run/walk one of the finest venues in DVOA captivity – especially given all its new white woods.


    White              2.2k     30m    12 ctrls

    Yellow             3.2k     40m    12 ctrls

    Orange            4.4k     88m    10 ctrls

    Brown             4.2k     60m    10 ctrls

    Green              5.5k   105m   13 ctrls

    Red                 7.7k   120m   16 ctrls

    Blue               10.3k   190m   22 ctrls


    Promise you wonderful final courses in wonderfully open terrain.

    See you all in the woods, joining several JROTC units and SJ Outdoor Club on March 15.

    Happy New O-Year.                

  • Reply by bobburg on Tue Feb 4, 2020 at 8:46 pm
    Bob Burg (bobburg)
    Num Posts: 168
    Primary Club: DVOA
    Fav map: Batsto
    First O: 1999
    After my first day vetting my armchaired courses today, I was delighted to see that virtually all the open woods from last year are still intact, at least in the area closest to Registration where 2/3 of controls are located.  So color me delighted.  We could be in for a multiple year run in a wide open Batsto!!

    My apologies to Blue runners.  I lost track of my count when counting climb for you all.  Rather than the ginormous 190m of climb for the 10.3k course, there's really only a paltry 155m of climb.  Sorry.....

    And for any wannabe Brown contestants -- whether aspiring, aging, or injured or some combination -- I am especially delighted with how the now fully vetted Yellow course has turned out.  Per normal, the Yellow has very safe routes on all legs for beginners to use.  But there are so many legs where those with advanced aspirations and/or experience can choose cross terrain routes in nice open woods, with plenty of route choice.  Rarely (if ever) do I say that Yellow is my favorite course of the event, but so far it is.  
    Of course I still have O, Br, G, R, and Bl vetting to complete.

    So please circle March 15th.  I'm so happy that Batsto still remains so runnable.
    I'll report back when the second half of vetting is complete, when everything will get posted on the schedule page.
  • Reply by camperpat on Wed Feb 5, 2020 at 12:38 pm
    Pat Burton (camperpat)
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    Primary Club: DVOA
    Fav map: Hibernia
    First O: 1999
    Bob and I will be there early to  help set up!
  • Reply by kathyu on Fri Feb 7, 2020 at 10:08 am
    Kathy Urban (kathyu)
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    Primary Club: DVOA
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    First O: 2004
    I'm the ED for Batsto, so I hope lots of folks will come out to enjoy picturesque Batsto Village and Bob's courses.  If you can lend a hand even for a little while, it would be greatly appreciated.  Lena and Sam are doing registration and scoring as a test run for Big Woods.  

    March will come in like a lion for orienteering, with Nolde Educational, White Clay, Batsto, Big Woods National 2-day event and Governor Dick.  ROWRRRR  (lion roaring sound).

    Have a great month in the woods and repeat after me "can I give you a hand?"

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