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Fair Hill Thank Yous
  • Topic created by Gillettejw on Sun Nov 10, 2019 at 10:02 pm
    John Gillette (Gillettejw)
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    First O: 2012
    It was a perfect day in fox country today.  Tom Overbaugh proved that he was an experienced course setter and skilled weather whisperer!  Everything aligned for a great day in the woods and even the e-punch gremlins could not deter our great day.  As with most events, we had a great team of volunteers to make the event a success for our participants.  Thanks to everyone who lent some extra time to our event:

    permissions - Kathy Urban
    registration - Dave Morgan, Pat & Bob Burton
    arena set-up - Christian Snouffer (Boy Scout)
    start - Mark Frank and Erin Henz (Boy Scout)
    e-punch - Sam Kolins
    Puppy Patrol - Kathy Urban
    control pick-up - Kathy & Dave Urban, Kim McCane, Brad Colbek, Michael Woods, Oriana Riley, Sam Kolins, Lena Kuskleyeva
    Pack up - Steve Mones

    Special mention to Brad Colbeck for a late phone search!

    We had a number of new participants who expressed an interest in returning and a number of female Scouts BSA on their historic quest for Eagle Scout.  

    I'd also like to thanks our regular members for their participation........Pat and Julie Keim, the Frolenkos, the Rileys, Rick Whiffen, the Polichellis, Sam & Lena, Pat & Bob Burton, the Franks and so many others........your consistent participation make this club a success and makes our events more of a family outing than just a weekend meet-up.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone at the final events of 2019 and at the Winter Meeting in January

    John G
  • Reply by camperpat on Mon Nov 11, 2019 at 8:55 am
    Pat Burton (camperpat)
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    First O: 1999
    Thank you to everyone who made this beautiful Fall Day Event Possible.   The course was interesting and the fields were beautiful. Having fun with everyhone hanging out in the pavilion with hot chocolate and treats post course  put the icing on the top.   Pat and Bob Burton
  • Reply by shiatsuron on Tue Nov 12, 2019 at 3:25 pm
    Ron Barron (shiatsuron)
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    First O: 2004
    It was a rather nice day, after all the chill and bluser. Thank you all who helped put on this event!

    I liked how one of the trails had been vacuumed clean so we could find it. I did also see where Tom had done some pruning. THANKS, but it wasn't enough. I got nailed dead center on my chin.

    Thanks Again
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