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Thank you French Creek score-o runners and volunteers!
  • Topic created by alenka0000 on Sat Nov 2, 2019 at 10:47 pm
    Lena Kushleyeva (alenka0000)
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    Thank you to all the orienteers for bringing your best game and your smiling faces to French Creek today! 
    We had 75 maps printed, and managed to distribute 78 of them (don't ask...) Thank you for showing up and making this fun crazy day possible!

    Thank you Sandy for the awesome course! It was a tough challenge for our best runners and a fun adventure for the brand new orienteers, all in one!

    Thank you Dave Morgan, Diane Reider, Bob and Pat Burton for handeling the craziness of the registration! I have no idea how you managed to keep that madhouse under control, but you did it! You rock. Thank you.

    Thank you Eric Weyman for doing an existence check on the infamous disappearing control 46.

    Thank you all the cool kids that stuck around to pick up controls: 

    Paul Ort and Mitch Zimmer who came to the event just to help with pick up!
    John Gillette who, for a change, actually did orienteer today instead of just doing *all the work* like he always does... 
    Kevin Baldauf -- a new face! Hope to see you at the next event, and then at every single event after that! (there's no such thing as too much orienteering, right? right?)
    John Smola, David Burger, and the boyscouts of Troop 187;
    Scott Stutz and the scouts of Trail Life USA Troop NJ-1613.

    And thank you Mary Frank for handling park permissions!

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