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Tyler State Park Weekend Extravaganza !!!!
  • Topic created by newjerseyo on Fri Oct 25, 2019 at 2:18 am
    Bob Burg (newjerseyo)
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    500 Plus Cadets on Saturday -- DVOA/HVO Dual Meet on Sunday!!!!   Oh rest my heart...... Cool

    So here's my last minute report on the courses at Tyler this weekend -- both days no less. 
    The cadets have two competitions this Saturday.  

    First the official Area 4 Naval JROTC Orienteering Chmpshp consisting of Orange, Brown, and Green similar to how NJROTC Nationals are organized. And the new Cadets Challenge comprised of the large majority of beginners -- consisting of White Short and Advanced, Yellow Short and Advanced courses -- to give the beginners a championship of their own.

    The weather promises to be just fine if not perfect --and definitely NO threatening N'oreaster. Tongue out

    Shorter courses will stay in the nationally ranked Disc Golf area, longer courses crossing the Neshaminy for a foray into more traditional woods. And for everyone, a great adventure in the wilds of Tyler State Park.  The White Adv and Yellow Adv are the White and Yellow courses for Sunday's Dual Event

    The jam-packed detail of the disc golf area requires us to use lots of short sprint like legs, with an occasionally unexpected longer leg, both requiring good map reading and route choice.  White, Yellow, and Brown will be on a 1:5000 map.  Orange, Green, and Red will use a 1:7500 map.  So controls will come up faster than expected.  Trust the map features rather than your internal clock until you get used to the scale. Undecided

    Here are the Course Stats:

    White Short 2.07k 70m 14 ctrls
    White Advanced 2.50k  70m 16 ctrls  White on Sunday
    Yellow Short 2.65k 80m 14 ctrls
    Yellow Advanced 3.05k 80m 15 cttls  Yellow on Sunday
    Orange 4.43k       110m 19 ctrls
    Brown 3.79k 75m 16 ctrls
    Green 5.09k       125m 19 ctrls
    Red 7.41k       185m 26 ctrls

    As always, additional help would be appreciated, if only for an hour over a long event full weekend.

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