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Gear Grinder - Thanks!
  • Topic created by dreider on Mon Oct 7, 2019 at 10:29 am
    Diane  Reider (dreider)
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    The Gear Grinder was a smooth ride this year.  The weather cooperated for almost the entire event.  A few of us found ourselves picking up the last few controls in the rain.

    Thank you to all the people who contribute to making these events possible whose work is not always apparent at an event.  Our club officers, map work, permissions, mainting the equipment, the schedule and the web site.  There is more that I am likely missing.  Please consider volunteering some time to support the sport that you enjoy.  Just a few hours spent volunteering at an event are important contributions.

    Oakbrook Brewing was a sponsor and Kyle Neuheimer was tapping his brew.  A member of the Oakbrook moutain bike team, Brandon Miller provided emergency bicycle repair at the aid station.  We also had a member of BAMBA (local mt bike club), Neil Atherton help with parking and the aid station.

    Thanks to Erik for the course design, promotion of the event, awards and setting up the on line registration/payment.  Best wishes for you and Lauren, you will be wonderful parents.

    Thanks to Ed Scott for setting controls on Saturday and picking up on Sunday.  Dave Morgan, Lauren Eddy and Kathy Urban for running registration/epunch.  Dave Urban, Brad Hall for parking.  Brad Hall for montioring bike/car traffic during the event.  Dave Urban, aid station and control pick up.  Bob Gross, Eric Weyman control pick up.  Dave Urban, Kathy Urban & Dave Morgan pack up kit and clean up.  Lastly Dave & Kathy Urban for moving the Green Kit eastward for Bob Burg's event.

    I hope you enjoyed the generous pay of beer, pizza & snacks.  lol.  It's always great to see all of you and fun to work with you during the event.
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