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2nd Annual Patriot's Orienteering Championships - Saturday May 18, 2019
  • Topic created by Orienteer7 on Fri Jan 18, 2019 at 4:38 pm
    Mark Frank (Orienteer7)
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    The Patriot's Orienteering Challenge for JR ROTC Military High Schools is scheduled for Saturday May 18th at Wawick County Park.  French Creek hosted the 1st event last year and we are trying to rotate the event each year for at least 3 years so that all cadets have an opportunity to collect and experience different parks and maps.

    Warwick County Pakr is now an embargoed park for all POC competitors.  The map will be updated this Spring and the revision may be available for the club local event already on the DVOA schedule.

    Boyertown High School will be our first host high school this year. They have also volunteered to help promote the event the the Navy JR ROTC units and other connected programs.  Competitor registration will be limited to 600.  We will be running a cross country event in the morning and a relay event in the afternoon.

    Looking again for club members willing to help out and lead starts and finish for both morning and afternoon events.  There will be courses Beginner(WHITE)  up to Advance(Green) for the event and anyone who helps can run a course mid-day or late in the afternoon for free. Unlike the MASOV event there will be no Sunday courses at Warwick following the event.

    The event announcement, information and registration packet along with themorning and afternoon registration forms have been completed and will be available as a series of PDF downloads from a link on the DVOA homepage shortly. 

    Qestions or volunteering to help.  Contact me directly at orienteer7 at aol dot com.

    Mark Frank
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