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Quail Hill
  • Topic created by camperpat on Sun Oct 21, 2018 at 5:44 pm
    Pat Burton (camperpat)
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    Nice day at Quail Hill.  Fun courses,   lots of different terraine , lots of runners!  Yes it was windy but only when  you were working at registration or start,   while running the course you didn't seem to notice it.  lol Thank Everyone who came out to help
  • Reply by BRycharski on Mon Oct 22, 2018 at 5:44 pm
    Bob Rycharski (BRycharski)
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    When we started hosting events at Quail Hill in the early 2002 timeframe, little did we know this venue + map  would be a popular place to learn and practice old and new Orienteering skills. As a sunday Team DVOA volunteer, I saw the old veterans show up, and the middle runners with some expertise, and as the beginner trainer I saw 4 main groups of newbies, and I relate some eyewitness stories.  One group of 6 Webelos Scouts and there parents were fascinated with our Map hiking sport, and tried the white course, and then came back to see me Post hike, to thank me for the training, the young Scouts loved it.  Another group of slightly older Souts came and we trained on the Yellow Short course/map, and they also had a blast.  Then 2 much older Scouts from Jerry Smith's old troop 70 crew, and I talked them into 5 minutes of - advanced training, as they were moving up from Yellow Long to Orange (1st time), I gave them a bit more to think about and warned them of the wiley ways of more "advanced courses" and what a catching feaure was.
          then I saw a experienced Scoutmaster and his higher rank son and his buddy going out orienteering on Yellow long course.  It was a suprise as I don't think I saw them for 2 years, but they surely remembered me. At the end the Man was gushing that it was a great outdoor Orienteering event, and that they might even show up at Dvoa's Tyler O meet next week.  So all you DVOA members,  I relate this short story to A.Show you the small joys of social interaction with non-Club members whom in many cases do really appreciate My (own, the other volunteers too)  the volunteer time you give and B. To encourage all members to pick at least One event, and ask the Meet Director Where you can help, if even just for 15 minutes.  Pay it forward (your DVOA friends will really appreciate your stepping forward...).   I will always remember the thank You's, and One man schook my hand and I do think like the Hotel commercial, he may have even gave me a firm handshake with a double handed firm shake.  spl thanks to all Mr Burgs helpers, you all know who you R -You all Made My day ///  Bob, great shoe and event.   SYITWs  Bob R
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