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Wanaque Ridge Minor' Mobile' difference on Direction FYIs
  • Topic created by BRycharski on Sat Oct 13, 2018 at 7:53 pm
    Bob Rycharski (BRycharski)
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    All   a Minor change in the Directions, THe Exxon station "reflagged" last week and I did not notice til this morning. so the HVO provided directions are good, substitute Mobile for the old Exxon.

    Corrected version ... To the Park in Wanaque NJ

    How to get there
    From I-287, north or south, take Exit 55 for Cty Rte 511 / Ringwood Ave, then head north on 511/Ringwood. Proceed past the only center-of-town traffic signal (at 2nd Ave, CVS on corner); after 2 more blocks, turn right onto 4th Ave (MOBIL  station on the forth Ave intersection corner, the Exxon Just reflagged last week -as Mobil at Forth and Ringwood ave intersection).
    Proceed about 1/4 mi, then, at the stop sign, turn left to continue on 4th Ave. Proceed about another 1/4 mi, as 4th Ave meanders a bit, to Back Beach Dr; take a slight right there to proceed into the park.

    Google Maps – Use “Back Beach Park, Wanaque” as destination.
    NOTE: GoogleMaps might say that 4th Ave continues into the park; it actually veers left at Back Beach Dr.

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