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Mountain Bike Orienteering
  • Topic created by ErikEddy on Fri Mar 30, 2018 at 7:37 pm
    Erik Eddy (ErikEddy)
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    The Gear Grinder is back this year on Saturday May 19th.  

    Mountain bike orienteering is an event that relies on quick map reading, good route choice and biking skills.  The map is simplified but also includes extra detail on the rideability of the trails.  There are three courses - Gear Grinder (2-3 hours), Half Gear Grinder (1-2 hours) and a recreational course (~4 miles).

    The start location is at Kulptown Fire House Pavilion which will avoid creek crossings and is an excellent venue for the post race party.

    All details are here:

    As always, appreciate early sign ups.  It's a really fun event!  Rates go up April 23rd.

    Registration here:
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