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Ft. Washington Thanks
  • Topic created by Sandy on Thu Jul 13, 2017 at 2:25 pm
    Sandy Fillebrown (Sandy)
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    Thanks to another great group of volunteer helpers, the event at Ft. Washington went smoothly and clean-up was a breeze.  Helpers included:
    • Set-up: Kathy Urban, Roger Hartley, Scott Thatcher, Dave Morgan
    • Registration & Epunch: Roger Hartley and Kirsten Mayland
    • Control Pickup: Anne Fitch, Bob Fink, Dave Morgan, Therese Hohl
    • General Cleanup: Roger Hartley, Lena Kushleyeva, Vadim Masalkov, David Morgan, Anne Fitch
    I hope I didn't overlook anyone but I'm guessing I did.  It was pretty busy so I wasn't always paying attention to who was doing what.  But busy is good!  One more Wednesday night event next week at French Creek Central.  Hope to see everyone there.

    PS - The scale on the map reads 1:10,000 but clearly it is 1:5,000!  Oops.
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