Event Director:
Jerry Smith
Course Design:
Jerry Smith

Pl Name Class Club Time Pace Behind *Score **Diff
1 Mike Verrault M50+ 60.07 27:19 0:00 NC NC
2 Black Family G3 82.04 37:18 21:57 NC NC
3 John Sclott G4 99.23 45:10 39:16 NC NC
4 Bernie Kratz   105.59 48:10 45:52 NC NC
Length 2.20km
Climb 22.0m
Num Controls 2
Average Time 86:53
Average Pace 39:29
Num Maps 4
Num Orienteers 9
Total Time 13:29:50
Total Distance 19.80km
Total Climb 198.0m
Total Controls 18


Event Totals
Distance:19.80 km
Climb:198.0 m
DNF Did Not Finish
MP MisPunch
OT OverTime
NC Not Competing (also used for a 2nd course at same event)
CGV Course Gnarliness Value - a measurement indicating the difficulty of a course
Pl Place, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.
Behind How far behind the winner, in MM:SS

* While the "Score" value is an indication of how well you performed in this event, please understand it is partly determined by how well you performed in all other events. Not only that, it is also partly determined by how well all others performed. The "Score" value will change as the season progresses. Even if you miss an event, it is quite likely this score will change. It is not useful to compare Scores on one course to the Scores on a different course. For a full explanation of the rankings formula please see the rankings formula page.

** The "Diff" column displays the difference between this event and your ranking score. A positive number indicates your result was better than your year-to-date ranking score while a negative number indicates a result that was not as good as your ranking score.